a fully digital 3D microscope

The ARRISCOPE is the world’s first high-definition, fully digital surgical microscope for stereoscopic viewing. For the first time in surgical microscopy, the operator’s visualization of the surgical site is not via an optical image path; instead the surgeon sees in his binocular a high-quality 3D digital image.

  • First fully digital binocular in surgical use
  • Ergo-View for more mobility
  • Education in a new dimension
  • Innovative platform for research
  • Multispectral illumination

Stunning 3D for a New Immersive Experience

Why digital?

The digital image can be recorded and multiplied without any quality losses. Surgical assistants, students and staff can therefore follow an operation procedure in all its details and in three dimensions, bringing immense advantages for education and training.
On top of its immediate benefits, the digital platform offers the promise of further enhancements as new options to enrich the digital microscope image are developed.


As a global leader in motion picture technology, with nearly 100 years of innovative product development experience, ARRI is uniquely qualified to also play a pioneering role in medical digital image acquisition.
Used for many Oscar®-winning movies and awarded from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with the technical Oscar®, the ARRI ALEXA digital camera system is the core engine of the ARRISCOPE, delivering high-contrast, sharp and brilliant high-definition images of the surgical field.

Unsurpassed Image Quality of a Cinema Standard
Highly Efficient LED Illumination

Digital raw capturing

From the sensor the raw image signal goes into a high-performance computer, where all of the image processing takes place. This efficient image processing unit does not convert the raw sensor data into a 3D video signal until any color conversion for different display devices or sensitometric optimization has been carried out. By manipulating the images in their raw state, full image quality is maintained and a perfect picture is seen on all displays.

Various video outputs with
the same content and quality

  • Digital HD binocular for the surgeon.
  • Full HD 3D screening monitor for co-observer
    in the operating room.
  • Additional full HD 3D viewing systems inside and
    outside the operating room.
  • Full HD 3D recording. Explore some ENT surgery videos!
Ergonomic Design for Convenient Working
Easy, Weightless and Precise Movement


The world’s first digital binocular gives surgeons new freedom.

  • It is possible to move freely in front of the eyepiece, so that the microscopic and surgical fields can both be viewed simultaneously.
  • As the image is displayed on one plane, no accommodation of the eyes is necessary.
  • The position of the binocular is independent from the optical path.

High dynamic range
CMOS sensor

The custom-developed ARRI CMOS sensor is unique in its optimal balance between image sharpness on the one hand and high dynamic range, high sensitivity and a low noise floor on the other. This results in the best overall image quality for medical purposes, as proven by the sensor’s many cinematic applications. The sensor even has a higher simultaneous dynamic range and a wider spectral sensitivity than the human eye, allowing the possibility of enriching the visible image with additional information coming from invisible radiation such as IR.

Ergonomic Design for Convenient Working
Easy, Weightless and Precise Movement

Highly efficient
LED illumination

The novel, multispectral LED illumination system of the ARRISCOPE delivers very bright and highly uniform illumination, optimized for representation on a video monitor. The cold light, without any UV or IR components, protects the patient by avoiding heat impairment.

Color temperature can be adjusted by the multispectral LED, allowing the image representation to be optimized.

Easy, weightless and
precise movement

The ARRISCOPE 6-axis stand is vibration-cushioned, moves easily, stabilizes immediately after positioning and features an optimized transient response. The state-of-the-art, pneumatic-driven mechanism is perfectly balanced, enabling smooth, precise movements for enhanced surgeon comfort and therefore ideal patient care.

Ergonomic Design for Convenient Working
ARRISCOPE first-time users in an interview

ARRISCOPE first-time users
in an interview

What experience do ENT surgeons have with the fully digital 3D technology of the ARRISCOPE? Watch the interviews of some ARRISCOPE first-time users, who report in detailed interviews on the occasion of ARRI’s 100th anniversary.

Please click here to go directly to the ARRISCOPE first-time user interviews.

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