ARRISCOPE – The next step in
all digital 3D surgical microscopy

The ARRISCOPE is the world’s first high-definition, fully digital surgical microscope for stereoscopic viewing. For the first time in surgical microscopy, the operator’s visualization of the surgical site is not via an optical image path; instead the surgeon sees in his binocular a high-quality 3D digital image.

  • Fully digital 3D imaging
  • The surgeon’s experience can be shared
  • Ease of use in every detail
  • ARRISCOPE – a platform for clinical research

Fully digital 3D imaging

Display in 4K and natural 3D – winner of the Scientific and Engineering Oscar

  • High resolution display in 4K that renders the most precise details
  • Natural imaging with Oscar award winning 3D video technology

LED illumination for natural colours

  • Efficient LED illumination prevents tissue from heating while also providing optimal illumination of the surgical field.
  • Two-way illumination reduces shadows in the image and provides a homogeneously illuminated field of view.
  • Coaxial lighting provides optimal illumination of the surgical field even through narrow channels, such as a laryngoscope.

A single source for premium video technology

  • Video capture can be added with up to 60 seconds of prior imaging, so that significant sequences can be recorded and not lost.
  • Video can be displayed wirelessly to up to four monitors at once.
  • 3D video editing software to create 3D videos for presentations.

The digital 3D binoculars are the core element for visualizing key information directly in the surgeon’s field of view. The live image, as well as preoperative image data, electrophysiological curves and any other video signals, can be selected for viewing individually or simultaneously. The surgeon can be immersed completely in the procedure and call up the precise data he needs at any time.

Share the experience instead
of just watching

See with the surgeon’s eyes

The treating physician, residents and other observers inside and outside the OR view exactly the same image – the same field of view at the same magnification and focus in 3D and 4K.

Reach everyone in the OR wirelessly

  • ARRI Medical wireless video transmission can display the 3D surgical image on up to four screens at once.
  • Wireless video transmission reduces the number of tripping hazards in the OR.

Ease of use in every detail

With the ARRISCOPE, the surgeon can choose to view the surgical field directly through the binoculars, or by looking at the monitor

  • Looking through the binoculars enabels focused intervention with almost no distractions from the surroundings.
  • Operating using the freely positionable 31‘‘ or 55‘‘ 4K 3D monitor supports an ergonomic upright posture throughout the procedure.

Ease and precision of movement

  • Due to its mechanical design, the microscope can be positioned with almost no effort.
  • The stand provides a steady image for stress-free work.
  • The ARRISCOPE’s long arm allows the system to be freely positioned and provides the surgeon and all operating staff optimal access to the patient.

Simplicity through sophisticated design

  • All device functionalities can be intuitively operated from the large touchscreen interface.
  • The freely prgrammable buttons on the hand grips can be adapted to the individual requirements of the surgeon.
  • An audio interface enables verbal commentary to accompany the recorded videos.
  • Wireless transmission of the live video means viewers can freely position the observation screen.

What makes ARRI outstanding?

ARRI is global market leader in professional film technology, with more than 100 years of experience in developing innovative, premium products. This makes the company uniquely qualified to play a leading role in medical imaging.


The ARRISCOPE’s core component is the sensor used in the ALEXA digital camera system by ARRI. This technology has been used in filming numerous Oscar winning movies, and has itself been awarded the Acedemy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences‘ Scientific and Engineering Award. This sensor generates surgical field images that are rich in contrast, sharply defined and have very high resolution.

ARRISCOPE – a platform for clinical research

The image of the surgical field is now available as a digital signal in full HD quality combined with a powerful image processing chain. A wide range of options are available for enhancing the image signal or enriching it with additonal data.

For example, highlighting delicate anatomical structures can optimize the surgical workflow. The added clinical benefits of ARRISCOPE technologies are currently being demonstrated in close collaboration with hospitals and users.

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